Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving and on to December- 2018

Thanksgiving Weekend, 2018

Hi Friends,

We spent Thanksgiving with the boys in D.C. and had a great time.  I hate not having them close by, so it was fun spending time with them, seeing where they are living this year, walking their neighborhoods, eating at their favorite places, and just being together for a few short days.  My joy and my sadness were mingled in seeing them happy and settled in their lives--so far away from me.  

In a few short days, we had every kind of weather--flip-flop balmy, freezing cold, and this day of biblical rain.  
And now with a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend behind us, I guess we are spinning heading into the crazy, Christmas rush.
There is so much going on at the shop right now that is hard for me to keep up.  The new Stocking arrives tomorrow, and we will have some very fun new holiday designs and kits ready shortly, so come back to this blog by the weekend and we will show all of our new Christmas things. We have been busy trying to get ready for the Christmas season and hopefully we will be ready by Saturday for our Christmas Holiday Open House.  
Saturday, December 1st
We will have such a fun day filled with new things by Shepherd's Bush, lots of fun new projects, and darling shoppers.  We will be doing a little project in the back--if I can manage to clean off the table.  So please drop by and share some Holiday Cheer as well as Martha's Extravagant Egg Nog, and many other delicious sweet treats.  

Lois' Stocking
Leaflet:  $10.00
Complete kit:  

Believe it or not--it is finally ready!!!    You know how some babies tend come in their own sweet time...This has just been one of those Falls--super fun and super busy.  Oh well, I think you will just love this new little stocking.  I think she is a bit like a Christmas elf.  We have the leaflet ready to go and all of the supplies as well--linen, charm pack, threads.  December is the perfect time to work on a stocking--for next year. 

The shop is  ready for December festivities

New Offerings for Christmas

Teri and I have had such a great time getting these new designs stitched and ready, but as always the days of December approach so much more quickly than any other days of the year. Some of them are ready now and all of them will be ready later next week-  We hope you have a fun and happy December stitching our new Holiday designs.  I will update the photos as they are finished...  

Have you Any Wool  
Button and free chart $8.00
Complete kit with darling finishing supplies $30.00

Rejoice Pincushion kit:   $30.00
Just Another Button Co. mini Pin set:   $12.00

                         Jolly Santa Tag kit:  $8.00                           Joy to You Tag kit:  $8.00

Merry Notes Chart: $8.00
Kits will be available

Oh Tannenbaum Ornament chart:  $6.00
Kits will be available.

Main display dressed for Christmas 
Teri has been working on getting her very fun Christmas displays out and they look darling.  Sometimes it seems like Halloween sort of oozes onto every surface of the shop by October, so even  though we all love that time of year, it is also soothing to see our Christmas pieces come out for December.  I hope you will enjoy looking at them as well. 

Here are some of our other Christmas displays

On the left is the center display, filled with great projects
Right is the side display with Nativity projects.  

Barb and Alma brought these amazing samplers to our Retreat, and we just loved the soft colors.  We have both of these charts back in stock, so give us a call if you would like them.  

Our Lasting Friendship:
 by Blackbird Designs
Chart $12.00

Merrily, Merrily,  We Welcome Spring
by Blackbird Designs
Chart $12.00

These are some of the new things from Brenda- She also brought these to the Retreat and we all loved them very much.  Perfect winter stitching.

With Thy Needle and Thread

                   All Bundled Up:  chart $12.00                         Peppermint Wishes:  chart $12.00
                                                                                            This fabric is coming in to us on Thursday!!

Plum Pudding - chart $12.00

Little House Farmhouse series
It's finished and it is soon fun! We added buttons and notice the great Zappy dot that matches - near the center.  Nancy always stitches with a Zappy Dot magnet

Ann's Arugula Salad
Christian's Anne made a yummy appetizer for our Thanksgiving 
Dinner and we loved it.  We had a hard time finding a store that carried endive, so she kept telling me that it would be delicious for an arugula salad.  So...I made it for dinner tonight, and she was exactly right.  It was fantastic! And the arugula was perfect with its bitter notes and a great sub for Romaine. 
So, if you want something light and lovely in this pre-holiday time, just give this a try. 

Take a box of Arugula and place in a bowl.  Use the whole box because you will want all of it in the end.  Sprinkle on a brunch of sweetened, dried cranberries--Craisins--and some Gorgonzola crumbles.  We like a lot of them.  Any chopped, candied nut will do--choose your favorite.  I used cashews.  They wouldn't even have to be candied.  Whatever you use, it will be scrumptious.  I kept them on the side so they wouldn't get soggy.  I made a dressing with 1/3 cup Olive Oil, a generous spoonful of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper and the juice of 1 lemon. Whisk to emulsify, and dress the salad just before serving.  Enjoy!  (I Panko-breaded and pan fried chicken cutlets to go with.)

Have a fun December!
fondly, Tina

Merry Christmas