Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi Friends,
It all started with the Jane Austen celebration on PBS starting after Christmas. Every Sunday night for over 2 months, we have been watching Jane Austen movies--some old favorites and some brand new. I have had to endure the derision of the male members of my family for watching some of the programs for the 50th time. But Teri and I were undaunted and have enjoyed every minute of it. PLUS--we still have 2 more to go. A new Sense and Sensibility and a not-so-new Emma. Yay!!! From there we went on to the Other Boelyn Girl for our birthday celebrations. All women who went loved it a lot. Bob hated it and George is keeping silent. What's new? Then that same weekend we discovered last year's Season 1 of The Tudors which was On Demand for 5 days, so we had a virtual marathon of watching it. Now we are so hooked. I may have to subscribe to Showtime just to get Season 2. I know that you weren't particularly interested on my television and movie habits, but the moral of it is that I should also have accomplished tons of stitching during this decadent time of doing nothing in front of the TV. Well yes and no. I did finish some things and have been quickly working on another piece, but sadly much too much time was spent just staring at the movie. It was a bit of a relief to have the Tudor series finished and be forced to break with my addiction for the time being. This week I have been better about stitching with the TV off.

My new heart for this year--Quaker Heart--is finally finished. I just love it. I had a wonderful time stitching on it and I love the colours so much. I think that Teri--or Kristin--is putting the photo on with this blog or else on the front of the Web site, so you can see it. It is worked on R&R's Irish Creme linen which just feels rich and lovely to stitch on. Then it has a combination of Cresent's Soie Belle, Gloriana and Threadgatherer silks. We have been on the search for the right bead for it and found some antique French glass beads which look fabulous along with a darling mother-of-pearl shell button. I love how Jill framed it besides--very sweet. If you are in the mood for a heart--I think you will love it.

This is our new kit, "Quaker Heart." It is $28.00 and includes hand-dyed linen, overdyed silk threads, a mother of pearl button, and antique French glass beads. It is so fun to stitch.

Teri has a new kit as well. You should be able to see it in the same place. Hers is an adorable Easter kit. I know--Easter is the earliest it has been for hundreds of years and it won't be this early for hundreds more, but there you have it. Anyway it is called Walking on Eggs and it is very charming. Besides it is worked on the 10 count fabric, so it will go very fast--easily done by Egg Day. The clear, spring colours will just make you happy after this long, dreary winter. So---be sure to check them out. And looking ahead--new Mother's Day projects coming right along.

This new kit, "Walking on Eggs," is $14.00.
It includes tulip pink tula, cotton floss, and a special egg button.

I know this is a dangerous suggestion, but if you need a lift, a new vice, something to completely possess you--try a DVD trip back to the early 19th century and then keep on going back to the 16th century, and I'm sure you will be completely addicted. But---don't forget to have a compelling project by your side, so that you can alleviate the guilt of being glued to the TV.

Have a great week as we wend our way to spring.

ever fondly, Tina

This is Tina's Happy Birthday cake! Doesn't it look yummy? I was actually supposed to put this up with last week's post, but since I didn't, we can all wish Tina another happy birthday!!!