Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Happy birthday, Teri. I just love birthdays--mostly when they are not my own. Teri and I were born 3 days apart, so March always comes in full of festivities. I was thinking the other night how our lives often come around full circle. When we were young, we usually celebrated our b-days together. We almost always shared a cake, and very, very often received matching outfits and matching gifts. I feel so selfish looking back on it, because--being older-- I wasn't always so gracious about it. I remember on my 12th birthday telling my mother that if we received similar clothes, I was not ever putting them on. Teri of course looked completely crestfallen and said that she loved it best when we had twin outfits. Oh well--growing pains. That same birthday, I also asked for the bunny and lamb decals in our room to be purged, and that made Teri cry. I don't think that I was normally so heartless, but birthdays can sometimes do that to you. Now I just love having almost matching birthdays. I am more than happy to have someone else to share the attention with, and we always get to plan almost a week's worth of celebrations. We are both perfectly happy to share a cake, and have often been known to give each other matching gifts. Round and round goes that circle. Since Saturday, we have been to a movie, eaten at the Temari--my favourite Japanese restaurant--feasted on salads and cakes--1 for each-- which the girls at work brought, and tonight we are going out to a great local restaurant with the most fabulous deserts--killer Bananas Foster. So--happy B-day, Teri. Party on!!!

At the shop we have been very busy. Teri has been working on several new things which we are getting ready to bring out. I have been trying to get something done, but I seem to have succumbed to a cold, and I don't seem be shaking it very quickly. Next week I will have lots of details for you. I think Teri is putting up some of the new photos after this blog, so take a quick look. Christian will be calling me any minute for a ride home. He is staying late with the tennis team shoveling snow off the tennis courts at school so they can start practice. March hasn't been very spring-like so far.

Have a great week. How can you not since it is March, you know. Stay well and happy stitching.

fondly, Tina

Spring/Easter Displays

Peter's cotton knits is a great addition to
Raise the Roof's clothesline series.
We have stitched it on a fabulous dyed fabric
and added darling buttons.

Easter Snapperland
We stitched it on a fun green linen and added buttons.