Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's true, I am a bit late this week, but I'm sure I've been later. Yesterday got away from me along with my good intentions. Unlike many of you in the Midwest, we have had a slight break in the weather. At least down here at the shop, the snow has melted considerably, and I am beginning to think that we may be coming out of our temporary ice age. The glacier out in front of the shop has actually receded to nothing leaving behind only its moraine of debris--or is it a morass? I think it is a moraine. Well, whatever it is, I know that we need to spend some time out there with a good broom. We live up closer to the foothills of the mountains, and we are still quite seriously buried in snow which has proved a wildlife challenge. On Sunday, Sue had a bull moose standing in her front yard. Last night Teri and Christian and I were coming home from the grocery store, and as we turned the corner our headlights shined on 3 beautiful deer grouped around the trees in a neighbor's front yard. Teri stopped the car to look and we all thought that they were sort of left-over Christmas statues. Then they just walked out into the street and started strolling along. Now, I am a little wary when Lindbergh barks at the dark. I am not sure what--besides the raccoons is out there.

As winter wanes on the outside, it has been banished on the inside by Spring Girl--Teri. She has been hustling around re-arranging pictures everywhere and having new, fun pieces stitched. The April Baubles is so adorable with its 9 little Easter eggs. Teri has put different buttons on them and they are charming. Another group of pictures that have made their way out are the 4 coloured Easter eggs of ours from a couple of years ago. These are still some of my favorite designs and each year I am inspired to stitch some for gifts. I think that Teri is putting up a couple of pictures of our spring displays so you can see how darling. You will be able to see Easter Snapper which is new from Bent Creek. It is small, do-able, and sweet. Little kids gathering eggs. Their Easter Row is also very sweet with its hippity-hoppity sentiment. One fabulous piece which isn't in the pictures--unless Teri adds it at some point--is Lizzie Kate's Love, Hope and a Cure. The way Teri has had it stitched and finished is fantastic, and the day Judy brought it in to us everyone in the shop went crazy. Now it is off being made into a pillow, so watch for it. What a perfect gift. Gosh, so much to keep us busy.

As for us, we have been busy as well--just with nothing to show for it yet. My heart is pretty much done except for frame and printing. But then, over the weekend, Teri started 2 wonderful new projects and I drew up something sweet as well. So now we are having a blast getting them stitched and ready to go. Don't despair, I will let you know as soon as they are finished. I think you will love them.

And so February marches on. By the time I next write, it will be March, and moving steadily through it at that. As this week disappears, have a Happy Leap Day. What fun! I need to think of an appropriate treat to bring to work. Bob always tells me that March comes in with fury and bluster, but I think March comes in like a dream. So--however it comes for you--enjoy it.

fondly, Tina