Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi friends,

Here in Utah, we do not need the groundhog to give us any weather predictions. We always have Teri. Yesterday, as I was leaving work, She started singing that song from the Wizard of Oz where they have just woken up from the poppies--"Step out of the woods, step out of the dark, step out of the night..." The sun was shining, the ice was dripping and it was a truly tropical 30 degrees. She made me laugh, because she was right--it almost seemed like spring. Or at least that spring might still be in the future plans. I know--the girls tell me that we are getting a storm tomorrow, but for today, I am enjoying the sun. Over the weekend, I had a glimmer of hope as I looked out my bedroom window and saw a squirrel racing back and forth. I don't know if squirrels hibernate or not, but I haven't seen them since last fall. He seemed so happy racing through the trees, I was quite caught up in the watching. Then 2 huge, beautiful navy blue birds landed on the branches, and I thought to myself, the world is starting to wake up again. Later in the day, Christian called me at work to tell me that he and Bob had looked out the window to the back yard and had seen 4 deer circling the swing set. OK, maybe I am living in a nature preserve this week. It's all good.

We don't usually go to the Nashville market, but we have spent much of the weekend on the phone with all of our friends who have been there. Now they are all trying to get through their own snow/ice storms on their ways home. I will be glad when they all get there. We are looking forward to wonderful new things coming in--many of which we ordered last week so that they would get here fast. Lynnette just unpacked some new kits from Pine Mountain--It's a Girl Thing--and it is so darling. Patti from SamSarah has the most adorable Advent calendar. Sweet, sweet!! I can't wait to have it stitched. It is worked on this large black plaid linen and all of the little things that go on it are very darling. I know you will love it when you see it. I actually think that the individual patterns would make wonderful ornaments. Lots to choose from. I also got a sneak peek at the May Baubles--I love it. Wait till you see what Teri does with it. If you haven't gotten into the Baubles, you need to. I'll keep you up on the new things as they come. Get your stitching fingers ready.

Sorry this is a short one today. We are slammed and I just keep getting distracted. I think that everyone is taking advantage of the break in the weather to come looking for new projects. What fun. Then we have had a very special surprise--Chris from the Nimble Thimble in England and her friend, Janet, stopped by the shop on their way back to England from Nashville. That is quite a detour. They are so darling and gracious that you can't help loving them. It was fun to visit and see pictures of her shop. We have spoken on the phone many, many times and it was great to come together in person. I wish them safe travels home and would secretly love to be tagging along with.

For now, I am off to the salt mines and will write again next week. I wish for all of you a tiny awakening and glimpse of spring and Happy Hearts Day on Thursday.

fondly, Tina

P.S. Teri and I have spent a lot of time working on the Retreat this past week. I have to tell you that it is going to be so much fun. I am getting excited.

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