Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

For some reason all week long, I have had this little song running through my mind that we sang in Kindergarten and 1st grade--oddly about the clothing that Washington and Lincoln wore. I can still see the pictures in the song book that our teacher would show us, and it takes me right back. Unfortunately I can only remember all the words to George's song and no matter how hard I try, I am still missing a few parts of Abe's. Maybe I'll ask Teri. I just love little holidays from school. I don't mind that I still have to work-- I love to stay up late and lie in bed in the morning with that delicious feeling of not having to get up before dawn and rush around. I love that Peter is downstairs playing the guitar and at instant math and debate access for Chris. And I love that Christian still comes and crawls in bed with us so happy and yet so surprised that he no longer really fits. All that makes my heart happy. We are having sunshine today which is very good for the soul--only hard on my pale winter eyes. Although it is only 27 degrees, it feels like summer and Christian has already tried to get off to the ski slopes in just a sweatshirt. Mommmmmmm! I was forced to threaten him. This sudden burst of "spring" is nothing new to Teri. She gave up winter for Lent and has spent 2 weeks very pretty in pink--and freezing her painted toenails off. I am much more suspicious of the treachery of the weather. But I am enjoying a break from the you-know-what.

Saturdays are the only days that I work out in the shop. (Teri thinks that is the only day I work!) Everyone else--except sometimes Sue--abandons us. So, anyway, Saturday even Sue left us and poor Teri was just stuck with me. I am not sure what happened, but we had hundreds of customers in. OK--perhaps a small exaggeration. It was very fun, though. I think that everyone was so happy to have a good day, that they were all out and about after 6 weeks of being sort of stuck at home. It was such a great day. Teri has a wonderful, big heart display and that just seemed to be what everyone was doing. I mean it is hard to choose anything more lovely that a good heart, and she has such darling ones stitched and framed on the center hutch. But all day long, she was pulling the models off of it as we sold the last book or kit. By the end of the day, it was virtually empty and there were stacks behind the counter. We were laughing our heads off. It doesn't seem to matter that Valentine's Day is over--I think that hearts are the perfect change from winter to spring.

Saturday's Best Sellers: in no particular order--I have to stay politically and family correct
Scatter Hearts--of course
February Baubles--so darling, with Teri's new button picks
Whimsey Heart--by Ewe and Eye--always such a darling piece
Wedding and Valentine Rows--what can I say
Love pillow from Lizzie Kate--I love how Teri stitched this on the 10-count and I really love the backing fabric.
Be Mine Valentine--OK this is a doll baby worked totally different than the pattern--perhaps a bit past its expiration date for this year--but always good for next.
Green Snowman--I know--not hearts--but everyone on Saturday was so thrilled to see it and Teri has it hanging next to the Red Snowman, and I have to admit it is pretty darling.

Well, have fun thinking about these happy thoughts. I have to go home soon and make sure that 1 child is back safe from the mountains and the other is ready to go back to school. (complete with clean laundry and a few groceries. You know the drill.) Next week I am talking about Easter projects, so get ready. For this week, be safe and cheerful.

fondly, Tina