Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hi Friends,

Finally--here I am again. My friend, Judy, tells me it has been 12 days--by now probably 13--and I was pleasantly surprised. I would have thought it had been about 30 days. It seems like forever since I wrote, and I have to say it is nice to be back. The first week of June is such a slam for me. Kids out of school and Market all in one week. Now I am almost 3 weeks into it and I think I am going to be able to breathe again. We are beginning to settle into a routine, and I hope Christian will be busy. It seems to have turned from winter to summer overnight, and that is always so pleasant. Not! I dream of many, many days in the 70s, but Utah just doesn't know how to do that. Oh well, at least it isn't humid. I am just going to enjoy this. (A mantra for summer for me.)

Well, market is over. I usually face the end of market with true and utter joy, but all our friends at Columbus talked about getting market blues after they returned home, so of course this year I have them a little as well. The power of suggestion. We had a great time and a great market. The Columbus market is the greatest, and I am sorry for folks who can't make it. It is always fun to meet up with friends and visit during the show and then hang out with them in the evenings. And it is always fun to see other shop owners that we only get to talk to on the phone the rest of the year. We had a great space in the convention center this year. A bunch of us had asked to be near each other, and we seemed to be placed around a little plastic park affair. It was complete with fake grass, park benches, tables and lamp posts. I know it sounds bad, but it was actually a lot of fun. A great place to gather and go back and forth to our booths. Charland spend time strolling the adorable Weeks' baby, Sally around the "park," and we would all wave to her as she strolled by. The convention center is across the street from the North Shore Market, which is fabulous. We spent much time strolling through there eating and shopping. Killer Pad Thai--although everyone else said that their lunch choice was the best. Charland bought dishes, Teri and Cecile bought cards, I bought flowers for the booth and we all had ice cream--several times. It is the best ice cream imaginable with such unusual flavours as Strawberry Buttermilk--one of my personal favorites--Salty Caramel, Grapefruit Hibiscus, Goatcheese Cherry, Lemon Yogurt with Blueberry compote. Yummy! Way worth going to market for. We just had so much fun this year, no wonder I am feeling "market blues"--missing friends, missing fun times.

Teri ordered great stuff for the shop and now we get to watch it start arriving and get excited all over again. Everyone watches for the UPS truck to arrive and sort through the boxes. Teri is anxiously awaiting this fabulous French reproduction stitching supplies, and I am watching for some wonderful bags to arrive. Being in the back so much of the time, many things come and go long before I am aware that they have even come. When I end up paying the bill, I usually wander out to see them only to be told that they are long gone. OK, I am watching for my bags. (I only want 1 of them.) We had gotten a lot done for market this year. 4 books and a number of new kits. Everything should be on our website if you want to look and see. We are busy here at the shop getting our kits put together and ready to ship, and I only hope that other people are like us--watching and waiting for them to arrive.

If you haven't had a chance take a look at our site and see what is new. We'll start putting up some new things from market in the next few weeks, so be sure to log on now and then.

Have a great, warm and safe week.

Until next week--fondly, Tina

PS--Unfortunately our mysterious computer took a few liberties with one of our new books--In a Stable--and it inserted all new symbols onto the first little graph. If you have purchased this book, you will find below the corrections for that first graph. They are also on our web site. Sorry about that. --T
"In a Stable" Corrections