Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Shepherd's Retreat

We are just getting back to Ogden. What a fabulous time we have had in Park City at our Shepherd's Retreat--wonderful company, amazing teachers, and marvelous projects.

Here are a few pictures:

Georgie Parker from Australia, poses in the boutique
with Cece Strickland, Tammy Salavason, Lancy Rudd,
and Nancy Stokes

Merry Cox meets some old friends.

The welcome project was a memory book.
Everyone's was different and unique and wonderful.

Tina shows her beautiful class project on Thursday afternoon.

Charland's project is a sweet heart shaped box.

Alma and Barb of Blackbird Designs
show their wonderful stitched box.

Jacqueline Holdsworth from Needleprints
debuted a new Ackworth sampler chart,
"The Hannah Wescombe's Sampler."
It has a lovely large alaphbet sampler and four other charts.
Two of them are shown here. They are so beautiful
and we have the charts for purchase.

Pat and Ann of R & R Reproductions 's class project
was a marvelous quaker purse.
Barb Adams and Jacqueline Holdsworth look on.

Merry Cox's project was a fabulous bag filled
with the most exquisite stitching accessories.

The Baaaa-d girls from Virginia came decked in
matching sheep t-shirts and stitched name tags.

The teachers take time to visit Zoom's Restaurant.
We sampled their famous Mac and Cheese, YUM!!!

Left to right front: Barb Adams, Jacqueline Holdsworth,
Alma Allen, Charland Garvin.
Back: Pat Ryan, Teri, Tina, Ann Robbins

Classes brought great stitching time.

Painting and lining time.

Here is some outside work. LOVE those white gloves!!

Blowing kisses. . . .

These photos are just a sampling of the weekend.
I will post more later.
I was just so excited to share our amazing weekend with you!!