Friday, September 12, 2008

The shop is getting a face lift this fall. With help from a Historic District Grant from Ogden City, we will be repainting and replacing the windows on the upper floor of Shepherd's Bush. A new awning is definitely in order. We will show you their progress. The painters have already started cleaning, scraping and preparing. I was sooooo sad to come outside and see they had taken the garland down around the door--nest and all. The awning guys came today and removed our old awning... It looks so different. It will be fabulous when it is done.

We spent the Labor Day Weekend up in Park City.
It was so beautiful. We now have an exchange
student from China, Simon (his American name).
Bob, Chris, and Simon rode the lift up and came
down the mountain on the zip line. I am not sure
Simon really understood what he was getting into.
There was a wind and the boys were really flying!!!
They all had a blast!

Here is Chris as he comes in for a landing.
Tina and I were very happy to cheer them
on... from the ground.