Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Autumn

Dear Friends,

Can you even believe that we are on the brink of October? Where has the year gone? Teri went to the Corn Man to buy corn on the cob for dinner and came back with this great pumpkin/squash. Bob said it was the most hideous thing he had ever seen and she should give it away. We have been laughing about it ever since. I think it is quite lovely, and Teri just keeps dragging it around and trying it in different places. I can't wait for her to go shopping again. I have an old rock wall that is now filled with various, mismatched flower pots that I dearly love all summer, but I think it would be fun to add odd pumpkins to them. Hmmm...I'll let you know how that idea turns out. I am so excited for this letter because we have great new things that we have been working on . Yay!!! So just read on and see what we have to offer for early autumn stitching. I keep getting asked by our customers here why we never include recipes anymore. Finally, I just decided it is because I don't cook anymore. Chris doesn't ask me what's for dinner every day, so I just don't seem to have the need to fix anything. Earlier this week I did barbecued chicken with Teri's fresh corn on the cob and my grandma's fried RED tomatoes, and Bob was just so happy. OK I guess I need to cook once in a while. Then perhaps I can put a recipe back on the blog. In the meantime, I will probably just stitch. Wishing the same for you.

Thomas's Stocking
Leaflet--$8.00 Charm Pack--$20.00

Our newest stocking is here!!! This is such a long process for us--well Lynnette and me--that it is almost like having a new baby when all is said and done. We are pretty excited about it and I am quite thrilled with how it turned out. I love the colours and hope that you will too. I have chosen a wonderful and warm mixture of DMC #5 Perle cotton as well as Weeks and Crescent #5 Perle overdyed thread. I know that the overdyed threads are considerably more expensive, but if you haven't tried them before, you just have to try them, because they are so very wonderful. Sharon dyed a colour--Smoke--just for this stocking and I love it so much. It is funny, but I stitch all of my own designs except Lynnette always stitches my stocking for me. And I am so grateful to her for this. Enjoy!!

This is a detail of the fence at the bottom of the stocking. Pat and Ann hand-dyed some of their new baby chenille for us and we strung it across the fence like a garland. The chenille comes in the charm pack, but if you need more help in sewing it on, we will have more detailed instructions on our web site under frequently asked question.

Santa's Flight

Leaflet--$8.00 Silver charms--$36.00

This new leaflet contains the last 3 ornaments which we did for the cross stitch magazine. I love the way Jill has framed them all together. The mats and frame are amazing! We wanted each of the 3 designs done on different hand-dyed fabrics, but you could certainly do them on all the same if you choose.

Creepy Pin Cushion


Here is our newest pin cushion just in time for October stitching. I loved working on this and had a great time choosing just the right fabric and threads. It is worked on 32 count Willow Green linen with a mixture of silk and cotton threads. The kit comes with everything to complete except the backing fabric, and the hand-dyed silk ribbon which goes around it is fabulous for Halloween. The entire design is bordered with a little verse.

Get Scared

This newest addition for our box series is just in time for Halloween. This is also stitched on 32 count Willow Green linen and worked with a combination of DMC and WDW overdyed threads. It fits perfectly in one of the fun black trinket boxes which sell for $18.50. Honestly, I think you could do this in 2 evenings, so you won't have a problem getting it ready in time.

La-D-Da Mystery Sampler
available October 15--part 1

This is all that they will show us of the new mystery sampler by La-D-Da. The patterns will be released in 3 parts--Oct, Nov, Dec. They say it is an antique sampler with a La-D-Da twist, so that sounds both intriguing and interesting. The little pin cushion you see above is a bonus pattern--Oh, yay. We will be offering it also as a complete kit with a price of about $75.00 which will include all 3 patterns, fabric, and threads. You will have a choice of 30, 35, and 40 count fabric. The price may vary a little because the thread numbers seem to keep changing. If you would like to be on an automatic shipment from us, we will add $9.00 for postage. As always Teri will be arranging a little surprise in the first package. What fun!!!
Well, I have a lot of kits to make, so I have to go and get busy. I think I will be taking them home tonight. If we can help you with any of these new things, please just give us a call: 801-399-4546

Kari had her little baby boy this very morning, so next week we will include a photo. Plus...I promise to put in one of Teri's most famous new recipes. She has taken these cookies everywhere and everyone loves them! So be watching for it. In the meantime...ever fondly, Tina