Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn Equinox--2011
Hi friends,
Is there really a season more glorious than Autumn? I don't think so. In Utah our weather is perfect with plenty of warm sunshine cooling off with the sunset to shivery chilly. The leaves are just barely edging towards their new hues, and my fall flowers seem to have exploded in exuberance and color. Our rose garden is now bursting with a last showing of blooms mixed with the crazy tomatoes hurrying to finish ripening before the first frost, and we can't seem to get enough of the last of summer's bounty--cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, peaches, and berries. And of course Lindberg just waits for his evening walk past the grade school where the smells from the day beckon him to euphoria. quickly we will be on to squash and pumpkins, fall leaves and jack-o-lanterns. But as much as I love the fall, a part of me hates it. There is always that edge to the air portending a winter that lurks around our corner. Teri and I used to tease my boys by humming It's the most wonderful time of the year as they prepared to go back to school. But this year they are both off to college taking with them a part of my heart. I know, I have told myself a million times that it is silly, this is the way life is meant to be, but there is still an emptiness in my soul as I move through this season this year. Bob doesn't seem to feel it the same way, or he doesn't show it-- so what's up with that. And then everyone says: oh well, you still have Teri. Like she is my little pet or something. Ok, then.
Luckily, the shop has been very, very busy and I simply don't seem to be able to get everything done in my day. We have also been working hard getting the new stocking off to the printer along with a fun Christmas book--Santa's Flight. They should both be ready the first part of next week. And I am finishing up 2 darling Halloween kits--one for the round boxes and a fun pin cushion. So....if I stick to it, I should have them ready next week as well. As a result, I have been stitching and graphing every minute and Teri has been loading up pictures for the blog which I have sadly neglected this past month. She has been gently reminding me that I need to get it written, so I finally suggested that she write it this time and let me finish my kits. So she did. Yay!!! So this time, you are getting a little of each of us, and in the end it truly is the most wonderful time of the year for stitching--Halloween, fall, and Christmas. How could anyone be bored. So continue on and see what surprises she has posted, and while you are doing that, maybe I'll take Teri out for a walk.

Spoiler Alert..... Here is a tiny bit of our newest stocking Thomas's Stocking. It is at the printers, Yippee!! We should have it in our hands by next week. Hopefully by Tuesday...our Birthday party. So if you are in the area, come by between 4-6 and we will have ice cream and cake. We will have our newest leaflets and hopefully some new Halloween designs.

I have been decorating the shop for Halloween. Our spooky tree has returned, and we have been filling it with fun spooky decorations. Paper jack'o Lanterns and moons hang from the ceiling and garlands festoon our windows. I love Halloween.

Here is a great piece from With my Needle and Thread, called Seasons- Autumn. We stitched it on a great piece of fabric 35 count and added buttons. It is the perfect fall stitching.

Almost Autumn is a darling new design from Drawn Thread. We have stitched it on 32 count linen and added buttons. It is a great Halloween piece.

Mindi Bruner was so sweet to stitch us this marvelous box from Blackbird's pattern, Morning Star. She painted the box and decorated the tiny boxes with color copies from the sampler. We just love it. Thanks Mindi

Our own Kari is so close to popping- sometime this week. She has worked for us since she was 14

and we have seen her grow up, get married and now have a baby. We are so excited for her and wish her the best. she has been a trouper and we will be sad to see her go. We had a fun work baby shower for her tonight, and here are a few of her gifts.

Can you believe this darling sheep blanket.

Mindi stitched and Jill framed this great pattern from Prairie Schooler (sorry no longer available). What a great keepsake for baby Oliver (that is the name we are hoping for).

All of us at the shop stitched Kari, Blackbird's baby sampler, we are still waiting to stitch the name and date....because some parents just won't decide.

A neighborhood coffee shop Cafe Villa Bella whipped up these delicious cupcakes for the party. He even made chocolate baby bottles and pacifiers to adorn the top. And if you think you have the best cupcakes on earth, sorry--we do. But you have to get there early or they are gone. He would kill Cupcake Wars.

I guess I will send this now and post more next week. We will put pictures of our new things up as soon as possible, so keep watching. Have a wonderful week end. fondly, Tina--and Teri