Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mid-March 2012
Happy St Patrick's Day

Dear Friends,
Take a moment and humor me. Close your eyes and imagine with me. Pretend that it is late September and you are sitting on a balcony nestled in the Rocky Mountains. The leaves are just turning their vibrant colors of reds and golds and oranges, and they rustle gently providing a quiet breeze that whispers through your hair. The air is warm but crisp and clean, and all of your stresses and cares have disappeared. You are surrounded by wonderful, sweet women, and you know that you have a whole weekend of relaxation and joy ahead of you. Are you there? Are you with me? Have you already started packing? If so, then you simply must come and join us at our upcoming Shepherd's Retreat this coming September. It truly is the bomb, and we would be most thrilled to welcome each and every one of you to Utah in the fall. Here are just a few things that you need to know and plan for:
Wednesday, September 26th, 2012--Open House at Shepherd's Bush in Ogden, Utah
Thursday, September 27th--Saturday, September 29th, 2012--Shepherd's Retreat, The Canyons in Park City, Utah
Start watching the blog for details about when we will be posting the Retreat Brochure and Registration Form. We will give you plenty of notice about the exact day on which we will post it--sometime around the end of March and the first part of April, depending on when we get it ready. Sue and Lynnette have been laughing and saying it depends on whether you believe Team Teri (March) or Team Tina (April). Isn't that typical. However, believe me, both teams are very excited and ready for a wonderful time ahead!

by Prairie Schooler
Aren't these about the most adorable spring pillows you've seen this year? We have stitched 3 of the many patterns that are included in this little leaflet and they are fabulous. They are each stitched on 10 count fabric and Teri has added a sweet button on each pillow. Backing fabric--quite fantastic--is available until it is gone. Of course she changed the colors for over dyed threads and you will love how they look. Hip Hop for Spring

And now...for a continuation of market items. We have finally gotten some of our ducks in a row such as pictures taken, fabrics chosen, and everything downloaded onto the computer. Have fun perusing.

Quaker Pincushions
by Jeannette Douglas

Jeannette had wonderful things at market and Teri spent a lot of time enjoying them in her room. This darling book of pincushions is very clever and so easy to finish. Especially when she could whine Pat from R & R into doing the cross stitching for her. (Actually she did finish a tiny part of it on the way home.) Then she spent this past Saturday at work making it into the pin cushion, and I have to say that it is quite stellar! We have the wonderful buttons that you need to finish them as well as the darling pins to go on top. Just let us help you choose the perfect piece of fabric and skein of heavenly wool thread with which to create your own.

Bee Stitches

Bee Stitches was another fantastic new book by Jeannette. Of course you know how much we love bees and how could we not fall in love with this darling sampler. Our friend, Don, from Salt Lake is stitching it for us so now we will have to decide whether to have Jill work her magic with it or whether to put it in a wonderful box from Old Colonial. You will just have to keep tuned and find out what we do. You'll see it here first.

New from Blackbird Designs

Sweet Thoughts of You
This fun new leaflet is retro in both technique and feel. The picture is stitched on perforated paper and certainly has the feel and sentiment of Barb and Alma's gentle natures.

For My Friend

This wonderful big book is simply filled with great heart designs. As with all of the books that Barb and Alma create, this one is truly a joy for all the senses. It has fabulous projects both large and small as well as beautiful photographs, tiny heart pin cushions, and even a sugar cookie recipe that we have made and enjoyed greatly. If you are a collector--or even if you are not--you will not want to miss out on this lovely book.

Wild Garden
limited edition kit--$50.00
This super sweet kit was an exclusive design for the Nashville market. I just love it, and since I also love baskets, it is definitely on my list to do. The kit comes with fabric, pattern, and threads as well as a great antique button and all are carefully packed in a sweet little tin box. Unfortunately, I think we only have 2 of these left, so hurry, hurry.

Yellow Birdie Pin Cushion
kit by JABCO
This little pin cushion is Teri's current pride and joy. She made him last night and then stored him in the car for fear that dogs and cats might enjoy a good chew. This kit comes complete with almost everything you need to complete it--just add a needle and thread and you are set. The instructions were perfect and she thought it was very easy to make. Can you just picture this on your sewing table for the spring?

Bird and Bugs Sewing Roll
partial kit by Lizzie Kate

The really cool thing about this kit is that the sewing roll is already made for you. It comes in either bugs--orange, or birds--yellow/green and is ready for you to stitch. Cleverly constructed of cheerful cottons and linen bands, it will be fun and easy to finish up. Just add your own threads and you are ready to go. Patterns and embellishments come in the kit.

A Stitcher's Heart
kit by Little House plus bonus pattern by Shakespeare's Peddler

This was a special kit designed by these 2 fun designers for the Nashville Market. The fun part about this little kit is that it includes the designs and threads to make 2 sweet little pin cushions. Little House has done the darling heart cushion that you see on the front of the package, and Theresa's pin cushion is a darling little rectangular piece that is also very sweet. I know that you will love them both.

Market Bracelets
by Charland Designs--$14.00

OK...these were such a hit at the market. We all spent a lot of time choosing which ones we wanted. They were also a hit when we got home, and we have had to re-order them. They are really quite fun for such a good price and are filled with tons of little trinkets and charms as well as great chunky beads and stones. Every one is a little bit different, so if you call, we can tell you which colors we have on hand. I actually mean that quite literally because Nancy has a different one on her hand every day...perhaps that is why we have had to reorder.
We still have so many things to talk about, but I am going to write again next week. We are having several of Chessie's fabulous things stitched and have had to reorder a couple of them. So I will show them to you next week. Plus, Teri has chosen unbelievable fabric for Lulu's Flock.
More to come...plus a retreat brochure-(go Team Tina)
fondly, Tina