Monday, February 27, 2012

Nashville 2012

Nashville, 2012

Dear Friends,
Well here are a few pictures from our time in Nashville. Here is the door to our room with all of Teri's decorations. Pretty cute, right? She also had the window decorated as well with a garden of flowers as well as the branch from the apple tree with apples. (Our theme was Adam and Eve since that was our sampler.) I am not sure that many people got it, but we had fun doing it.
Gosh, I can't believe that we are back home again. We had such a fine time and found so many wonderful things to bring back. Teri is busy cooking for our little Nashville open house, so I decided that I would write to you and put up the pictures of the things we took to market. Then tomorrow or Wednesday we will update with the things we brought back with us. I don't know if any of you took a look on Facebook, as Teri tried to update it each night. She had the best of intentions, but it turned out to be a bit sketchy. I think she updated her page the first and maybe the second day, but then on the third day she was sitting on the floor of our room with books and kits and all sorts of other things spread out around her trying to get them all checked and priced before packing them away. So I---mostly out of guilt--offered to write her post for her. So she sort of dictated what she wanted to say, and I typed it in the little box on my iPad. The problem was that after writing a very long paragraph and with Teri still chattering on, I fell asleep and my finger seemed to touch the box on the screen and deleted it. So I had to start over and try to remember what she had told me. And...I did that 3 times in a row. She was shouting at me, but honestly I was tired. I don't seem to have been blessed with her 24/7 stamina--but who would be? So we'll be back in the shop tomorrow and busily preparing for our open house in the afternoon. We will open at noon, so drop by any time after that for all the fun.
A picture with friends at breakfast this morning before everyone went their separate ways across the country. From left to right: Alma from Blackbird, Vickie Jennet from Needlework Press, Charland, Teri and I, Sydney, and Cecile from Jabco. We are all surrounding Dave from Norden.
Char and I chose to visit albeit from our cars while everyone else went shopping at Hobby Lobby. Here are some of the fun things that we brought to Nashville. Hope you like them.

Eve's Garden
kit: $70.00
Adam and Eve samplers are such a quintessential form of sampler making, and I have wanted to design one for a long time. So I have been working on this one for almost a year. It is worked with fabulous silk threads on a 32 count linen that Zweigart dyed especially for us. And I think that Jill's frame and mat are simply wonderful. While I was working on the final pattern, I had it sitting home on my mantel and I truly loved looking at it. It is filled with exuberant flowers surrounding the guilty couple, and comes complete with bare feet, fig leaves, a little verse, and a snake. And...for a little while, your kit will come with one of our very fun A & E tags which we have been working on all month.
design size: 6" x 12"

Adam and Eve in their garden sweet
of many delightsome fruits did eat
But when the serpent offered one
then came their gentle world undone

Eden's Lament Pin Cushion
kit: $20.00
This is a little pin cushion that I designed to go with the big sampler. Worked on the same linen as the sampler, it is filled with garden motifs and surrounded by a fun border and verse. It is very fun and I hope you will enjoy doing it. It comes with everything to stitch it as well as a great ribbon which Teri hand-tinted and curled for this kit.

A girl a snake a rosy bite
A boy a leaf a hasty flight

All Season s Scissor Fob
kit: $16.00
Teri designed this sweet scissor fob which shows a sheep for all seasons. You will love the seasonal themes and colors as well as the little verse about friendship. A perfect quick thing to stitch for yourself or for a friend.

Friends Bloom
Kit: $20.00
This adorable companion piece to the fob above is stitched on hand-dyed 28 count Jobelan. Also a piece about friendship, it is the perfect quick project for a gift for a good friend. It includes a combination of beautiful over dyed and cotton threads and features a little strip of hand dyed ric rac.

Sheep in the Garden
leaflet:: $6.00
Isn't this such a sweet pillow? I just love everything about it. It is worked on the Window Pane fabric with over dyed floss and features one of Just Another Button Co's sheep button. It would be such a fun this to work on. And don't forget to order the backing fabric while we still have it in stock.

Flower Power Picture
Pattern: free with purchase of $8.00 flower button
This little Flower Power piece will take almost no time at all to complete, and whether you choose to make a pillow with this wonderful fabric, or to have Jill frame it with her amazing mat and cut out flowers, you will have a true treasure. And don't forget the fantastic button that our friend Diane made for us.
OK, I am once again drifting away. Luckily I am just typing nonsense rather than deleting what I have written. I hope you will be able to come to our little party tomorrow, but if you can't, just give us a quick call, and we will sent it right out.
For now, good night, and I will try to send you another letter in the next day or two with new things from the market. Until then, hugs--Tina