Sunday, June 30, 2019

Happy 4th ...almost

July, 2019

Dear Friends,
It is the very eve of July.  June is gone and the summer seems to be rushing down the creek behind our home.  I love Summer, but it is a fickle season filled with long, lazy days, fresh treats from the garden or the Farmer's Market, and every lovely flower in constant flux and bloom.  But mixed with all of that is the heat and humidity and busy-ness of these numbered days.  I watch Kari trying to keep her 2 active boys busy for this time and struggling to keep them off their "screens," and I want to tell her how fast it all goes by.  How quickly 1 summer turns into 18 summers.  To be sure to hold tight to all the laughter, and missed bedtimes, and grass-lying and star-watching.  I guess in a way, I want to remind myself of that same thing every day.  Every year, the days fade too fast leaving behind the list of things we did--as well as those we never got to.  So here is what I want to do this summer:
I always want to read. 
 I want to pull my adirondack chair into the shade and lose myself in a book.  For this summer--something light and cheerful.  Or I could definitely do a good mystery.  If you haven't read Where'd you go Bernadette, be sure to do so before the movie comes out.  Another book I just finished--from Teri-- is Longborne (Jo Baker).  If you love Pride and Prejudice, you will just adore this one.
Teri just finished Delicious (Ruth Reichl) and she didn't want it to ever end. I totally agree with her.  Such a delightful read.
I love to make homemade ice cream.
Teri and Bob were just complaining that I haven't done it once this summer.  I think I might be on for fresh buttermilk strawberry for the 4th.  But I also want to try malted milk chocolate, fresh peach--when they are finally in season in Utah--and maybe a salted caramel, but maybe not that one.  I will have to see.  
I want to take walks.
We got a great start in the late spring, but now that it is hot and a bit muggy, we need to get going again.  Just in that moment between sun and dusk.  Unwind from the day and briskly avoid mosquitos.
And always...I want to stitch.  
This is the best part of the evening.  A tonic for my soul in a weary world.  The best of all remedies for the things that worry us. Something to remind us to just be happy.  I am ready to start my new stocking and I can't wait.  I also have an antique sampler that I want to stitch that was stitched by Bob's great, great (maybe more greats) grandmother in the mid-1800s. 
So...Whatever is on your own Summer list, I hope you accomplish at least some of it.  Otherwise, go buy a popsicle, sit out in the shade, and call it a good evening.   

Shop News

Here at the shop we have been busy.  We have 3 new things for Summer stitching, and they were very fun to stitch and get ready.  Perfect to work on during these long, hot evenings.

My Home Sweet Home
kit:  $30.00

This sweet little kit measures about 5" x 6" and is stitched on 32 count French Country Cafe Mocha.  (I might have the order of those words mixed up--sorry)  It comes complete with Weeks over-dyed threads and tiny buttons for embellishing.  Sweet and patriotic, it will stitch up quickly during this coming red, white, and blue month.  

Let Freedom Bloom
Pin Cushion
kit:  $20.00

This small pincushion was such fun to work on.  It comes complete with 32 count Natural linen, Weeks threads, star button and Lady Dot chenille dyed just for this piece.  We used her Blue Corn hand dyed velveteen for a backing, but you could choose anything appropriate to the season.  It will be done before you know it. 
Teri picked the first harvest of cherries off of her tree to put in the photo.  She said they were only a bit sour.  Oh well, Bob is hoping for a pie! 

Americana Mini Pin Set

Bee Trifles 
Chart- $8.00
Complete kit-$70.00

Teri just loves bees!  Of course, Utah is the Beehive State and Teri is a Utah girl.  So here is her newest Trifles.  The complete kit comes with everything you need to complete these sweet  pillows.  It includes linens-(a cool honeycomb printed linen for Queen bee, and a new gold Belfast linen called Fall leaf), overdyed threads, buttons, beads, hand dyed ribbon, and bee backing fabric.  I think they are adorable!

We have always done kids kits ever since we first opened the shop and taught weekly children's classes.  This summer, we have so many moms and grandmas in with their kids to pick out summer stitching projects.  It has kept Teri and Kari very busy trying to keep them stocked and new ones designed and ready.  We get little ones in all the time to show us what they have accomplished.  Very fun!  My Peter loved to stitch when he was growing up here at the shop and by 7 was designing his own pieces.  He once drew and stitched Teri's cat for her.  So sweet. 
There are the best kits for kids to begin with.  Kari marks them all so it is a bit easier for young ones to get going, and each kit comes marked and started, and complete with threads and any embellishments.  We have a variety of them on our website, but Teri has been having a great time thinking up new designs for this summer.  We will put them up on the site as soon as they are ready.  If you are local, stop by with your little ones.  They are the perfect summer project to keep hands busy and screens off.   

Kid's Kit by Shepherd's Bush

Kids Kit by Shepherd's Bush

Kari's 7 year old, Oliver, stopped by to show us the piece he had just finished.  He was very proud of it, but mostly because he had added his own stitched embellishment to the grass "to make it look better."

More exciting things at the shop:

Prairie Schooler Santa 2019
Card:  $5.00
Kit:  $55.00
Backing fabric-$14.25

We just received our pillow back from the finisher, and it is so sweet!!!
We have the perfect backing fabric for it, and Teri has chosen the best set of buttons to go with.  We always have stitched these yearly Santas on 7 count Klostern and they are such fun to do.  

Tiny Quilt Needle Minders

These are sooooo amazing.  They are tiny, tiny quilts made out of fabric.  They are magnetic and sit on your stitching to catch your needles.  We have only a few and get them now and then.  If you see one you like, don't delay.    

Nameste Train Boxes 

Here are all the boxes stacked together- small buddy box (with scissors inside), bigger box and the train box in the back.  


 These great boxes remind me of a make-up case our older sister packed and carried with her on any trip. I  always thought she was so chic and sophisticated, but I never seemed to have anything to carry in such a thing, so I was always given a back pack. (Ok, Mom--now I know what to put in these.) These are beautifully made and come in all the regular colors:  Gray, Teal, Cranberry, Blush, Eggplant.  So perfect for projects and supplies to see you through a small journey.  Quite Jane Austinian.  There is a small hole in the side for yarn if you are a knitter--but also great for your ear buds.  We are special ordering these, so just let us know a color and we will get one for you.  You might need the matching smaller 2 boxes as well.

by Cross Eyed Cricket
chart $8.00

We have loved the 4 seasons that we have stitched at the shop by Cricket.  October is one of their month series charts, and it is unbelievably fun.  We have stitched it on a crazy color of 32 count hand dyed linen, tweaked the colors and added buttons.  Erin our niece just sent it back from stitching it, and we love it.  Believe it or not--Halloween is coming.

Urban Garden update.
I love parking behind the shop during the summer and seeing our small garden burst into life before our eyes.  There is something quite sweet and tender seeing this little colorful oasis amidst the brick and concrete and noise of busy downtown.  It is a placed of astonishing peace during a busy, stressful day.  We lose Teri quite often to the solace of its space. 

We have been harvesting peas like crazy.  Our carrots are so tender and delish.  The grapevines are spreading all over our back area, and they are bursting with tiny grapes.  


Peas galore... we are all in heaven (left)                               Grape trellis (right)


 Tomatoes are growing quickly-- these are paste tomatoes for sauces.  On the right are our cucumbers, We had to replant a couple of times as they did not like our rainy cold spring, but they are finally taking hold.  Teri thinks we need more... she loves the pickles we make.

I hope your summer is perfect.  Try to stay cool, cook something fresh and delicious, read something to transport your soul, and stitch  something to bring joy to your heart.'
Be happy...Tina