Tuesday, June 4, 2019

May showers...June flowers

Early Summer, 2019...

Summer in Utah is finally limping its way here.  Our garden is planted and most things seem to have weathered our past 3 weeks of high winds, biblical rains, and even sleet and snow.  This week, we seem to be on a bit calmer track and I think the garden is breathing a sigh of relief.  As you probably know, we are right in the middle of downtown Ogden and we (Teri) have turned the back yard of the shop into a little urban pocket garden.  It is truly the joy of our summer.  For some reason, the Clematis--above--is loving this cold, late Spring and has been blooming like crazy.  Our lilacs have already bloomed and our 2 hydrangea bushes have weathered our very cold, snowy winter and will soon bloom.  The tomatoes are thriving--I can't wait--and the cucumbers are doing their very best to hang on.  Ok, we had to replant them since the first batch objected to our inhospitable micro climate.  but these are going to make it--we have bread and butter pickles to make. We already have lettuce, and Teri is watching avidly for the first peas to arrive.  Unfortunately, our very first crop of the season has already arrived in the form of baseballs.  I think that our backyard is where the foul balls from the stadium end up.  Yay--the season hasn't really even begun.
Inside the shop, we have had a very busy Spring.  We had so many visitors who were in Ogden for the Railroad Festival celebrating the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Trans-Continental Railroad.  That was so much fun and so many people in our downtown area.  It is always great to have visitors from away.  So come with me for a moment and take a look at some of the great new things that are going on at Shepherd's Bush

Garden House 
New Shepherd's Bush Exclusive
Kit: $20.00 
(retail only) 
 Frame:  $36.00

Spring is finally in the air, and to celebrate, Teri designed this sweet piece.  It comes with a handpainted mat, (thanks to our friend Jill), threads, fabric and tiny buttons

We will also have a few new Summer Treats in the works, so watch the blog in a week or two and see what else we have ready for your summer stitching.  

Breaking news:   Namaste boxes are back.!!!
 Reeta discovered these wonderful boxes, and Teri tracked them down.  We used to carry them a few years ago, when the company suddenly disappeared... but a new group is producing them, and they are better than ever.  They are empty--except a small, sweet stitching journal.  We love to fill them with wonderful needle work tools, scissors, needle threaders, needle minders... all those things that get lost in your stitching bag.  Now they can stay in one convenient box.  Buy an empty box and fill it with your own bits and bobs, or let us fill it for you or your favorite stitcher.  

Small Nameste Boxes

Both large and small boxes come in- Eggplant (purple), Blush (light rose), Cranberry, Teal, and dark Gray.  Gorgeous colors!!!   The top of the box is magnetic, and they snap closed.  

Bigger size: $40.00 (below)
same beautiful colors, 
Eggplant, Teal, Blush, Cranberry, Dark Gray

On the left is a small box stacked onto of a large box so you can see the difference.  On the right is a dark gray filled with bee inspired implements

The larger box comes with a divider with loops, perfect for holding scissors.  It also has a little journal inside the bottom section.  

Flamingo Toes needle minders
$12.50 each

I know we showed this adorable minders last blog, but they are perfect to put into your nameste boxes...

Cloth Covered Tape Measures 
$4.00 each and a new retro pin tray $ 12.00

2019 Santa Card
by Prairie Schooler:  $5.00

Oh my, Christmas has come early this year... not only is the Prairie Schooler card out, but he has sheep!!!!  We are so so excited.   Teri has already picked the colors and Lynnette is cutting the fabric.  We have a super great backing fabric all picked out.  We will post a photo as soon as Santa gets it stitched.  We sell the Santa card, or a complete kit with all your supplies.  If you want just parts and pieces, we are happy to do that too. Just give us a call and we will send it right off to you.  

New Plum Street Samplings

                                                            Summer Saltboxes: $10.00                                                                              

Come see these darling pieces in person.  

 Summer Delivery: $12.00                  Peace, Love and Purpose: $12.00

We have the charts and a limited amount of the fabrics, cut and ready.  Just wait until you see what we do with Summer Delivery.  So, so sweet.  

Bittersweet and Broomsticks 
by Brenda Gervais
Chart:  $12.00

Such a darling piece, we stitched it on a great piece of plumy- purple hand-dyed linen by Picture this Plus, and added buttons.  Halloween will be coming before we know it...Yippee

Queen Bee 
by Blackberry Rabbit
Chart:  $11.00

We stitched this on a beautiful piece of 37 count Legacy Linen in wild honey

Open Road Abode

Our friend, Linda, has stitched 6 of these darling camping pieces by Open Road Abode.  She is stitching them for her cabin.  Aren't they so great?

4th of July Hoopla:
by Brenda Gervais
Chart $12.00

This is such a fun series, and so easy to finish.  We are stitching it on 32 count fabric and it fits perfectly in a 4" hoop.  Brenda calls for 40 count fabric  (which we have) and it will fit in a 3" hoop ( which we also have).  It makes for a darling, inexpensive finish--$4.25 hoop.  
Plus they are really nice hoops for framing.  

Quaker Sewing Tray 
by Brenda Gervais
Chart: $12.00

We finally finished this sweet piece in a wooden tray.  Teri painted the tray and it looks great. I think it would make such a lovely wedding present.   

Jack Frost Tree Farm by Little House Needleworks
patterns: $6.50- 9.50

This is an ongoing series, stitched by our friend Jacklyn.  There are still three more parts, so there is plenty of time to join into the series.  Jacklyn is using 32 count, but we have 30, 32, or 35 count available.  We are adding a sweet button each month.  Give us a call if you would like to join and catch up.   

Our Garden loves this rainy cold weather!   Peas- are coming up a treat.  


I hope your Summer has started off well for you, and will be filled with gardens and stitches.  If you need an adventure...come see us.  We always have something fun in the works.
hugs, Tina