Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Cheer

It's frightening how the weeks seem to zip by so quickly. How can it be Monday again alr
eady. In spite of the sunshine and sun glasses, I know that it is almost the time of Advent. For one thing our shop open house is over, and a great success it was with plenty of treats, treasures and good cheer. It is always fun to visit with everyone, and Kari's ornament project provided a grand time for all. The shop is well-decorated, and that is always a relief. I suggested that Teri find a tree that was on the small side this year, so of course she returns with the tallest one ever. I admit it is very lovely and smells just like Christmas. Teri has been preparing hand-stitched ornaments from all kinds of books for the tree and they do look very sweet. You'll just have to drop by and see. Our Christmas music is playing, Ogden's Santa parade has marched on by, and Christmas village is well ablaze in lights. All of this tells me that the festive season has arrived. In Sunday school I always say that Advent is the time for getting ready. But I think it is also the time for waiting. My Peter is waiting for finals to be over and for school to be out for the holidays. Christian is waiting for his first trek of the year to the ski slopes. Teri is waiting for a free day to get out and go shop, shop, shopping. I am waiting for a quiet week when I can stay home and bake and watch Christmas shows all night. The girls at work are waiting to go on holiday hours. Lindbergh, my beagle, is waiting for the annual holiday picture when he can be especially naughty. And I think everyone in Utah is waiting for the first serious flakes of snow to come drifting our way. But of course, the waiting, the anticipation, the preparation are just part of the whole deal and make it all the more exciting. So wait we must.
I do know that this will be a busy and fun week here at the bush. We have new kits which we are putting together in the back getting ready to ship them out. Plus, I need to choose my own Christmas project to stitch during the holidays. It might be
the new Quaker Christmas--or then again it might be a small Ewe and Eye piece. I'll let you know what I have decided on next week. We look forward to welcoming Charland and Sydney from Toronto on Thursday and Judy Bielic from Texas. She will be teaching a needle felting Christmas class over the weekend and it will be a blast. We met Judy and her husband, Frank many, many years ago when I was teaching a class for the Silver Needle. They are darling, and we have been friends ever since. Next week we will post some pictures of the class.
My Advent wish for you this week is plenty of time to: do a little shopping, do a little baking, do a little decorating, do a little movie watching, and do a lot of stitching. For this I know, it will be but 2 minutes before this week will be gone and I will be writing to you again.
fondly, Tina
PS--Next week I am going to be giving you Shepherd's Bush Christmas Picks--so get ready.

PPS--This is a video of the shop before the Christmas party with a happy Christmas message for all of you!! Below are some pictures of the shop decorated for Christmas!

Our good friend Ray helped us get the tree up.

Teri with the tall tree.

Teri and Kari decorating the tree.

Teri putting the ribbon on the top of the tree.

(Left to Right/Back to Front)
Chryl, Lynnette, Christian
Leslie, Sue, Tina, Nancy, Kari
Lonii, Teri, Elisabeth, Sophie, baby Reed, Kristin, Jillian