Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to Bush Blog!

Hi friends,
A few years ago, Teri and I ventured out on a technological limb and started a web site at the insistence of many customers and the patience of our niece Kristin. Well, here we go again. Kristin assures us that a blog would be a lot of fun--and of course she has been waiting for our first one for several weeks. So now we are entering the world of cyber journals with our beginnings of the Bush Blog--name is subject to change. It sounds fun, and I love to read the entries of my favorite TV shows, though I have no great hopes of being so entertaining or scandalous. Teri has made me commit to updating the blog at the first of each week, which of course will be my first challenge as I am not a person enamoured of deadlines--hence the wording--first of the week rather than Monday. But I promise that I will try to be timely and chat about at least one item of interest and perhaps intrigue each time. Not. But don't hold your breath--I could never be responsible for that.

A few lovely things to think about and remember:
Shepherd's Bush Christmas Open House--Saturday, November 24: 11:00-4:00--the perfect almost end to the Thanksgiving weekend.
We are working on our fall newsletter which you might look forward to receiving, but often it seems to arrive in a not so timely manner--which is not necessarily all my fault. Anyway, you may enjoy it whenever it arrives, and Teri has a darling pattern coming on it to you. But don't forget to drop by on Saturday and enjoy our treats and treasures. More about this later. Just save the date.

Whew--first one down although nothing of interest or intrigue within. I will do better next week, if you find a moment and an inclination to check in on us. For now, just let your leaves blow around your neighborhood--it's more environmental anyway--and snug into a cozy chair with a well-loved project and revel in the full joy of autumn. I will hope to do the same. until next week---tina