Monday, November 19, 2007

Looking forward to the holiday season

Dear friends,
A whole week has gone by. How is that possible. Gosh, as I typed the date I realize that this is my mom's birthday, and I hit this day with feelings of sadness. I always think about her a lot this time of year and miss her so much. We watched Christian's school musical on Saturday night, and times like that are very bittersweet for me as I know how thrilled she would have been to see him and help with the costumes. She was just like that. Oh well, I have to think that she is here in some way sharing with his growing up. This is the last night of the play, and I think that we may be able to get on with our lives in ordinary time now that every spare moment won't be spent at the high school tying ties and straightening outfits. I have been relegated to the boy's dressing room, and they make me laugh. I was lucky enough to catch the cast cold--or perhaps just allergies from the dust and smell. No offense to the guys, but a bottle of Fabreze can do wonders for the soul and the nose.
With the holiday on the horizon, I know that our shop open house is quickly on its tail. We will be open from 11:00-4:00 pm Saturday and it should be a great time for all. We have yummy treats coming. My sister in-law, Martha,s famous eggnog as well as the greatest brownies from a friend's catering business. Plus--Teri has been learning to make candy from a darling customer--Judy Verbeck. She is making some for that day, and it will be wonderful--if it works. I have actually been to the candy lessons as well, but I just sit at the counter and watch them--which has always been my most successful way of cooking. We have lots of fun things for the open house. Lonii has been busy sewing new bags and we have designed several new kits. Teri has been better than I, but I'm coming along slowly with my new design. There isn't much light in a boys' dressing room. We also will have a table bursting with the most darling stocking stuffers: fun, silly, crazy. You will love them. I think we are doing a sweet little project in the back, so be sure to have a try. Anyway, we will be decorated and have our Christmas music on, so do stop by for some Christmas cheer--this year shorts and flip-flops will be totally appropriate.
The next weekend will be the Judy Bielik needle felting class so that will be something to look forward to. We have darling women coming to take it including Charland and Sydney from Toronto.
I'm not so sure how long a blog is supposed to be, but probably not this long and rambling so I guess I will move on. We are mailing our newsletter today or tomorrow, so watch for it to come. Teri's Christmas pattern which is on the back is so adorable!!!! We will have everything for it ready on Saturday. And in the meantime, I hope you may have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you are and sometime during the crazy festivities, just sit back and soak up the joy and blessings of the day.
fondly, Tina