Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I set out to write this blog almost 2 weeks ago and look where the time has gone. I truly wanted to write on Christmas Eve and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, but the shop was slammed that day and Teri and I were here alone. At the point we closed for the day, we noticed that we were in the midst of a huge blizzard and simply flew off into the white to finish up last minute errands and shopping stops. So here we are. I do hope that your holidays were great. I just love them from the moment my boys are out of school to the day they return-- I love just hanging out, going to movies, watching movies, playing games, cooking, and reading.

This year, everyone in my family gave me a book--which is one of my favorite gifts. The problem is that everyone wanted me to read their book first and was insulted if I was reading something else. So I now have 4 books going plus the one I was reading before the holidays hit. I have put them each in different rooms of the house, and it is actually working out quite well. Depending on where I am, I have a different plot to look forward to. And one of these days, I will have 5 books completed.

One unfortunate aspect of the holidays was the fact that Diet Coke went on sale several days before. So of course everyone bought some cases to have on hand, and left them in various areas of the yard and garage. Well, after the snow, the temperature dropped down to 12, and soon the explosions began. I would lie in bed at night--reading Bob's book--and hear the gun shot-like noises and then have to go out and settle Lindbergh down who thought we were being invaded. I felt a little like Betsy Trotwood in David Copperfield chasing donkeys around her yard as I hunted down all the coke cans. I think we may finally have them under control--just as the weather warms up.

So here we are at New Year's which is a day I truly hate. You know I am not one for change anyway, and what is a bigger change than a whole new year? I hate the holidays being over, taking down Christmas decorations, sending kids back to school and beginning real life's routines all over again. The one bright spot is always our New Year's Day sale at the shop. That is actually very fun and it is great to see everyone and start thinking about new projects. We had fun things on sale this year and served lots of delicious treats. Teri and Sue served hot chocolate to the poor souls who were bundled up and waiting outside for the sale to begin. Luckily there was sunshine defying the frigid temperatures. We even had our 2008 scissor fob and engraved Bianca scissors ready for the day. I have been delaying getting them done because I was a little hesitant about the peach colour of the new scissors. In the end, I think it is my favourite one, and I think the colours are fabulous. Check them out on our web site on the home page. I think you will like them.

I think that the rest of this week and weekend should still be considered part of the holidays, so just enjoy yourselves and take a little time to read or stitch. I'll write again on Monday and try to get back on track. Whatever you find yourself doing this weekend have fun and be safe. I fear I am going to Sweeny Todd and I am a bit scared.

Until next week--tina