Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Stitching

Hi friends. OK, I'm not talking about it today. Even though we have woken up to another 12 inches...and it is STILL SNOWING. Nope, I am just not talking about it. I am sitting at the computer in a room with no windows, and as far as I am concerned it is a fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk kind of day. Not that we've seen a sidewalk in months. Oh, that's right I'm not thinking about it. I have so many other great things to think about. Not about getting out of the parking lot and getting home. Not about Peter getting back to Salt Lake or Bob getting back home. Not about just going outside and dragging Teri in who seems to be on some kind of an Amazonian shovel spree in the parking lot. Snow plows--move over. Nope, I have just repeated my Yoga mantra 3 times, and I am thinking of happy thoughts. Thinking, thinking, thinking...
Happy thought #1: When you only have boy children, you come to terms early on with those special things that you won't experience. I knew long ago that I would not get to make them sit on the toilet seat lid while I hauled sharp-as-needles brushes through their waist-long hair. I knew I would not be the cause of tears and humiliation because I cut bangs too short--and crooked to boot. I knew I would not have to have that special upbeat and positive talk about special items with them. So I have to say that I was a little surprised on Thursday when Christian asked me to show him how to shave his legs. Nope--never thought I would be doing that. The joys of the swim team. I tried so hard not to laugh as we sat on the edge of the tub together and I watched him. I kept reminding him to be careful, and he kept wailing that he has waited 14 years to have hairy legs and now it was all going down the drain. They did win Region. ...and Christian--it does grow back.
Happy thought #2: My first sister, Sheree, just retired from teaching. So now she calls more often to check in or tell us what she is doing. This past week, she embarked on a quest to cook all the recipes from our web site, so we have received many calls. The first one told me she was fixing Drunken Meatballs. I wondered: what in the heck is that? Of course, she was shocked that I didn't know what was on our own site. I'll have to peruse the recipes before she calls again. Thursday she called to say it was Cooking with Nancy night and Sunday was going to be Cooking with Tina. I didn't quite dare ask what that was supposed to mean, so I just listened to her. Finally she divulged that she didn't know how to put her computer in a print version mode. So, her recipes come off on a large sheet of paper with a teeny, tiny recipe that she has to use a magnifying glass to read and the rest of the paper is filled up with a giant version of one of our faces. She said that at first she was a little unsettled by the larger than life photos, but now she just tapes them to her cupboards and talks to us as she is cooking each recipe. (I'm sure she was shouting at mine.) We were laughing too hard for me to worry for her sanity. I'll think about that this week.
Happy thought #3: Three months of Jane Austin on Masterpiece Theatre with Colin Firth on deck. That's got to make winter almost worth while.
Perhaps the happiest thought of all is that Teri has gone crazy re-decorating at the shop this week. Although we still have many darling winter pictures out, and it is undeniably THE time of year to be working on snowmen that can be made inside the house and under a blanket, I have noticed a very large and tempting display of Valentine hearts materializing before my eyes. OK who can resist a good heart. For me they rival angels. I have even drawn a new heart--although I have to finish my snowman first. I'm sure she will put her Valentine's display on the website, but if you are in a love mood just start looking. February Baubles is so darling with its new set of unique buttons, and you will love what Teri and Lonii have done with Lizzie Kate's new Be Mine. It is bright and cheerful and fabulous and almost makes you forget that it's January.
There seems to be a line up for the computer, so my quiet time is over. I guess I shall venture out and see what is happening outside. Have a great and safe week. See you next Monday.
fondly, Tina

February Baubles

Our Valentine's Display