Monday, January 28, 2008

More Winter. . .

Hi friends,
What a beautiful day it is here. The snow is wafting down on top of us, and it is truly as lovely as a Christmas card. The frozen flakes are gently covering sidewalks and streets and cars and people, and I think I am in Currier and Ives country. The old Tina might have sniped that the scenery resembles a blizzard in the Ukraine, and I might have been tempted to hum a few bars from Dr. Zhivago, but I am taking a new and positive approach to winter--perhaps a bit of Teri's Pollyanna attitude is rubbing off. In fact it is working so well, that I am happily counting the hours until I can go home and shovel. Yippee. Always the bright spot in January is the Sundance Film Festival. That keeps us busy and entertained, and by the time it is over--it's almost February! As fun as last week was, though,I am quite looking forward to returning to my dull-as-dishwater life. We went to many movies last week. I didn't go to as many as Bob did--he is so stalwart--but Teri and I were pretty good. That is the fun thing about Sundance--you just never know what you are going to get until you are there. So now we have seen comedies and tragedies--absurdities and intensities, and I am fully ready to burrow in and stitch or read a good book. And guess what's coming at the end of the week? February. Here are 2 movies that both of us really loved. Young at Heart--a very funny, touching and inspiring documentary out of England about an elderly persons' chorus. Afterwards, the film director, the chorus director and some of the choir members were there to answer questions. It was great. Watch for it to come--even if only on DVD. You'll love it. Our second favorite--completely the opposite end of the spectrum--was Be Kind, Rewind. I'm sure this will come to the theatres. It was hilarious. Jack Black at his silliest, but kind of sweet as well. Everyone laughed their heads off. So if you need to make it through your January as well--plan a trip to Ogden. You can spend your days at Shepherd's Bush and your nights at the film festival, and what could really be more fun.

Egyptian Theater Ogden Utah- Sundance 2008

If you have a chance--check out our website for a fabulous new little gadget we have just gotten in. A local woman has devised these adorable thread spinners for separating your threads. Teri and the other girls have used them and they are quite ingenious. Me--I just love how they look. They are so beautiful and I will just have mine hanging on the wall in my bedroom. Although they would look sweet attached to your stitching bag. She has the special tin work done in a small village in Thailand under the fair trade agreement, so that it feels like we are helping women on the other side of the world as well. Be sure to take a look. They are quite lovely.

In between shoveling and movies, Teri is busy underway with a new series of little leaflets. They look like they will be darling--and if she can just stay awake long enough, they will done shortly. Not that I'm one to talk on the falling asleep front--I am the pro. I have almost finished the Green Snowman in a sudden burst of stitching fervor, and I am about ready to embark on the new heart for this year. So watch the website and you will know when they are all ready.

So--whether you are in snow or sun--take care this week. I hope you get at least 1 project finished and 1 new one started. Watch a good movie, and eat a great treat.

Until next week--

Be Mine Valentine by Lizzie Kate
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