Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Friends,

In Utah, Spring comes tentatively. It appears to creep its way along slowly and silently all too often giving way to continued snow showers. It seems like one minute we are wearing winter coats and the next minute a sweater is more than enough. I am still grateful for flannel sheets right now, but almost every day that I have opened my bedroom windows, I have had to get up shivering in the night to close them. The tulips in my garden have been slow in coming this year and have lasted forever. The iris are still tightly closed, and every day I tell myself to be patient. The garden is so orderly and fresh right now, that I just watch in happy anticipation for each new prospective bloom. This year, even the trees are slow and sleepy to awaken. One of the last things to come back to life is the Virginia Creeper. I know--I am one of the few souls who loves that plant. I love it in every season. All my grown-up life I have lived in a house covered with its magnificent foliage, and every spring I watch in worry for its first leaves to begin to unfold. In March, I circle the house checking signs for green on its apparently lifeless tendrils fearful that this is the year it won't make it back from the long winter. Just this week, as I opened my bedroom shutters, I saw the first tiny leaves appearing. It made me happy. Then I know that winter is truly over. In our back yard at the shop we have several lilac bushes which my mom planted for us 24 years ago when we opened. The starts she planted are double old fashioned lilacs which she took from my grandparent's home almost 50 years ago and planted in her new yard. Now they have grown into the most splendid bushes outside the back door at the shop. Teri gathered an enormous armful yesterday to put in a vase by the front door, and they are so heartbreakingly beautiful. There is just something about spring flowers which is both unexpected and miraculous and always reminds me of my mom who filled our home with nature's offerings. Happy spring wherever and whenever yours arrives.

This week has been busy at the shop. We are crazy working on the retreat and getting everything ready for the Columbus market the first part of June. We finally got the patriotic Baubles back from the finisher, and I think you will love it. We do. Watch for the picture below. Have a good week, and in the midst of everything, may your weather be gentle and mild.

fondly, Tina
Here is the Patriotic Bauble....
We have used the design from another one of Patty's ( Sam Sarah) patterns to stitch this great piece. We have the conversion, buttons and the threads. Fun!!

Charland gave us this marvelous lamb. We love to fill it with seasonal flowers. Today our lilacs fill the shop with such a wonderful scent.

A bouquet of lilacs from our back makes me so happy. I love them!!!