Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hi Friends,

I don't know about you, but for me May is about my busiest month. There is just something about the last month of school that brings everything into chaos. Fun chaos, undoubtedly, but chaos just the same. The difference between my 2 boys is very evident this time of year. When Peter was in high school, I never received any information about anything. I either heard about concerts, awards programs, etc. the next day from friends wondering where Bob and I were, or Peter would leave me tiny notes in my car to say that there might be something going on in 5 minutes at the school. Pete always seemed to be where he needed to be, but often forgot to share that information with his parents. Christian, on the other hand, always has a daily and weekly list of where we need to be and when. He is funny, and this has been one of those weeks, and I have loved every minute of it. Mostly. In between times, I have been stitching like crazy getting ready for the Columbus Market. Teri is spending the day out in the front hall packing the trunks to send. Sooooooo I thought it would be a great time to get this note written. I hate trunks. I think she does too, she is just better disciplined.

A welcome respite from our self-imposed market regime came Tuesday night when our stitching group took the train to Salt Lake for dinner and shopping. Only Lynnette and Teri and I had ridden on it yet--as it is very new--so it was quite an adventure. The trip was perfect, dinner great, and most people went shopping for charms for their bracelets. Teri's elementary school field trip chaperone training came right back to her as she seemed to need to herd us along. When there is a train to catch, there is no lagging or disappearing with her in charge. We had a great time, and have decided that we want to go on more outings in the future. The Frontrunner--train--has been so much fun. Last Saturday we had a bunch of people in who had ridden up on it and had walked over to have lunch and come shopping. We also had one group hire the pedi-cab pedaled by a charming man named Peter--not my Peter, although he would probably like doing that, too--who brought them on a little tour, dropped them off at the shop, and waited for them to go shopping. I think Teri has some pictures at the end. Lucky you.

I also think that she has the picture of the Patriotic Baubles up. It is truly so darling, you will love it. Yikes!!! Patriotic means summer and 4th of July. Can it really be here again so soon. We have several new things stitched and framed in the shop, but I am going to tell you about them next week--hopefully earlier--because I don't want to wait for Teri to take pictures for this one. Something to look forward to.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week. And--have a safe and lovely Memorial Day

fondly, Tina
Nancy, Judy and I are stitching on our Frontrunner trip.

Linda and Tina are enjoying the scenery.

Ready to go on our trip, I have my stitching ready, Trudy and Lynnette where is yours????

Away we go. This is a first time trip for both Loree and Linda. We had a blast and came home late. Frontrunner is in the background.