Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hi Friends,

Teri and I are taking a computer class. We bought a new Mac at the end of last year because our printer can no longer read the files from our beloved ancient Mac and wants us to learn a new program. It has only taken us 4 months to get going on our class and we have to travel to the Apple store in Salt Lake to take it. We can go once a week and you just wouldn't believe how fast that class rolls around. Basically, I think it is a good idea to take classes, because in spite of the fact that I work on both a PC and a Mac all the time, I just do those things I need to and most of the computer remains a total mystery to me. It does remind me of another computer class I took once with Teri and Bob a hundred years ago in Community Ed. I was so bad at it. I just simply didn't get one thing about it. The whole class was oohing and aahing and congratulating themselves--Teri and Bob--included, and I just sat there for 2 hours staring at the screen unable to do one single thing. Now that I think about it, I am not sure I could even turn it on. Every now and then one of them would ask me how I was doing and I would cheerfully answer "Perfect! I can do everything." In reality, I could nothing. Our class this time around is a bit of deja vu for me--except that the people at Apple are so nice and patient. Teri just flys in and gets the computer set up and ready to go and she absorbs everything that the fellow happens to show us. Like, it actually makes sense to her. I do a lot of smiling and pretending. My newest plan is that I drop her off near the store because the computer is pretty heavy and the parking lot is a long ways away. Then I spend quite a long time finding just the right parking place. Once I even had to return and change for a better place. Then I take a quick look in Old Navy on my way to class and glance longingly at Barnes and Noble. By the time I get there, the class is moving quite nicely along without me, and I take a stroll along the I-pod row as I go. (Teri might be catching on, though. This last time she "forgot" to save me a place.)

This week Teri and the girls have been working on the new Baubles. July is just darling for summer. I think we have a picture of it at the end of this letter. It is flip-flops and she has matched it up with the most adorable Mary Englebreit fabric for a pillow. All the little buttons are so cute. I think you will love it. We have had a lot of people who also want a patriotic Bauble, so we have adapted another one of Sam/Sarah's patterns to fit perfectly on the fabric like the other Baubles. We are just finishing it up, so next week we will put it on the blog.

Sorry, I have to go. This is Christian's night at Civil Air Patrol, and I have to get him out to Layton. Have a great week, and I will talk to you next week.

fondly, Tina

Here is the July Baubles... It is so darling!!! We have finished it off with darling Mary Engelbreit fabric, and adorable buttons!!! Do not despair if you were wanting a Fourth of July pillow. We have adapted another one of SamSarah's patterns into a flag bauble. We will put it up next week. Let us know if you would like either or both.