Thursday, February 19, 2015


Almost Market
February, 2015

Dear Friends,
Well, here we are one week away from the Nashville market.  Yay!!
Months ago, when we started the planning, it was comfortingly far off, but now it is coming at us so quickly that I sort of want to put on the brakes.  Yikes...we have gotten a lot finished, but there is still a ton to do.  Teri and I are getting very excited, and if we can get everything stitched, and kitted and shipped, we will be ready for the best market ever.  Can't wait!   (Well, maybe I least for a week.) At the shop, we have a motivational mantra that we use:  Pony up, little cowgirl--which really means: pick up the pace and is usually aimed at me.  No one can keep up Teri's pace, but believe me, we are certainly trying.  If we can just keep her from thinking up new 5 new projects for us tonight. We do have a great group of new things almost ready for Nashville, so keep your eye on our blog and we will truly try to keep you in the picture all along the way.  We will post all of our new things early on Saturday morning the 28th, and I hope that you will love them as much as we do.  We will try to add many of the fun things that we have found at the market throughout the weekend as well. Teri has already ordered linens for many of the new designs that are coming from Nashville so that we will be ready to go as soon as we get home.  Remember---if there is something that you would like us to find for you at the market, Teri is on it. She is making a list and checking it twice, and we will be happy to look for anything that you would like.  Just give us a quick call and it can be yours.  

We will be having our Market weekend here at the shop on Thursday, March 5th -Saturday March7th.  We will have everything out and ready with linens and threads and of course, we will have our yummy cupcakes to share.  So, if you are in Utah, do plan to come visit us on those days and share in all of the fun.  And if you aren't--just give us a call and let us personally gather and package up a wonderful market treasure bag for you.

Sneak peak of Spring Trifles ribbon......

Here are a couple of sneak peaks of things that are coming from Shepherd's Bush just to get you as excited as we are.  We have so many darling designs and other treasures that we will have ready for market, so keep on watching.

Abundance Sampler

Here is a peak at our big sampler for the market.  

Stone Snowman

Our Snowman for 2015 is quite sweet whether you are willing your snow to disappear or still waiting for it to arrive.

Pink Daisy Buttons

Aren't they just adorable?  Part of our exclusive kit--Bless Ewe-- for the market, these sweet little babies are patiently waiting to be packaged and sent off.  Just wait until you see the little piece on which they belong.  You are going to love it! 

In the Shop now......

Winter Trifles 
by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet $8.00
Complete kit $66.00

Winter Trifles have been so much fun to stitch.  The Fabric Flair people designed a new sparkly snowflake fabric for us, and we love it.  You can purchase just the leaflet, or we have put everything together in a kit, three stitchng fabrics, backing fabrics, buttons, beads, hand-dyed ribbons, threads,  ok--everything except the stuffing. The most fun you could have in a bag. 

Pins By Puffin 

Here are some very fun new items from our friend Diane, at Puffin.  She showed these at the market last month in Phoenix and we have loved having them here at the shop.  Aren't these pins sweet?  Now, we are just waiting for her to go sheep pins.

Threaders by Puffin 
$8.00 Regular and Micro  

We love these great needle threaders.  They come in two hook sizes and are super strong.  And....there are the sheep.

Winter Sliders 
kit $19.50
Pins $15.50

These new slider kits are such fun because they come with the wool you need.  Super sweet designs, and Teri is just dying to whip them up... but she needs to be working on new market things.  We're bringing home fabulous spring sliders from market, so watch for them.  So quick and darling.

New Bee Stitching Bags
Large $30.00
Medium $28.00

Bee Border Bags
Large $30.00

Other Bee Bags

Top:  Olive Bees
Middle:  Teal flowers and Bees
Bottom:  Soft Green Bees

Sewing Stitching bags
Large $30.00
Medium $28.00

New Sheep Bags
Large $30.00
Medium $28.00
Small $26.00

Red sheep line-up

Blue happy sheep

Black sheep line-up

Well, I guess I have to wind this up and get it off to you.  I have projects to complete before the night is over and time is marching by.  Have a great week and come back to us next weekend and share a bit of the market with us.  hugs, Tina