Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Friends,

I am actually starting this blog on Monday for a change. I am sure that in the end it will be Tuesday or Wednesday before it makes its way out of my computer, but you will know that my intentions were good. Here is my problem with Mondays. We have been separated from each other for 2 whole days and everyone is busy catching up from the weekend. You have to remember that many of us see each other at work more often than we see our own siblings, so we have just become our own family. And after 2 whole days apart, there is lots to talk about.

Here is a typical Monday:
Chyrl only comes to us on Mondays--except today since she is home sick--so everyone has to visit with her for a bit and catch up on life. Teri works with Chyrl out in the shop, and they always have a million things to share: what happened at church, newest quilting project, and family. Mondays always go quickly for them helping customers, taking inventory, and ordering for the week.

Lynnette is always in between the front and the back on Mondays--often helping the front girls with their first-of-the-week projects or cleaning up whatever mess I have left on her desk from Saturday. I truly have the best of intentions to keep it as pristine as I found it, but sometimes the weekend lures me off too soon. I think that sometimes the front is an escape for her from the eternal stack of fabrics to be cut and kits to be assembled. But then, everyone knows that the back is the most fun--which is why they accuse us of not working.

Sue is always busy with the phone on Mondays which is both a challenge and a joy. I always leave her a table full of orders from Saturday, so finding a small, clear spot to even write out a message is difficult. Her Mary is the same age as Christian and they go to the same school, so we always have something to chew over about high school life.

Kari comes late from Jill these days, so she is busy getting caught up on all of the things she does. I always know when Kari arrives because she turns on our music in the back and it seems so nice.

Poor Nancy, Leslie and Lonni do not have the pleasures of working on Mondays, so catch up for them happens later in the week. We only wish they worked every day with us.

And that just leaves me. I try to get the blog written, which you know may or may not happen. But just remember if you don't read this until Tuesday or Wednesday, too much is going on on Monday to get it finished.

This week, we have fun, new things here at the shop. Diane, who has been making the Thread Spinners, brought some new ones in on Saturday. All of these come on either big or little hearts and they are so darling! There is a beautiful cross, a sweet angel, a fantastic moon and stars, sweet little pets, and a cute bird. I think Teri and Kristin are putting photos underneath here so you can see them. Truly so pretty. Teri and I worked on the new June Baubles on Saturday. This one is strawberries which look so luscious that we had to go to Costco and buy some--real ones-- for dinner. Judy came right down to pick it up to stitch for us, but we don't have it back yet so watch the web site for the photo later--maybe next week. Of course Teri picked out very cool colours and as soon as we have it back she will pick out the perfect buttons and backing fabric for it. If you want to be on an auto for these darling projects, just let us know and we will send them off to you. Oh, which reminds me that the new Loose Feathers is here. It is very fun and should work up quite quickly. I can't wait to get started. I wish I had the last one completed.

New Thread spinners: Cross small only, $14.25, Moon Large only $14.75

More fun thread spinners. Pets -top left, come in large and small hearts; bird- top right comes in both large and small hearts; butterfly comes only on the small heart; and the angel comes on both the large and the small heart. Large hearts run $14.75 and the small ones run $14.25.

OK here is my other problem with Mondays--we are out of change so I have to go to the bank and then the plant man will come in for a check, and I'm pretty sure the window washer will show up as well. I guess I am just going to move on and leave you all until next week. I am also supposed to be working on the Retreat Brochure, but it is coming along about as quickly as this blog, so please don't hold your breath.

Have a wonderful week with perhaps a hint of spring. Until next week, fondly, Tina

PS--still snowing!
Here is a close up of a fabulous piece, "Curly Q' Ewe" by Cottage Needlework . Amy stitched it over 1 thread on 28 count fabric it is amazing!!! we added treasures and it is wonderful!!

"Sam's Socks" is the latest one we have stitched from Raise the roof. We have stitched it on a great blueish fabric and added different buttons.

This sweet display shows a few family and Mother's Day projects.

I have started bringing out bee things for spring and summer...I love bees things!!!