Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hi friends,
I bought a new car yesterday. Well, actually we bought it a couple of weeks ago, but picked it up yesterday. You know how exciting that can be--as well as nerve wracking. Now, there are certain streets I just can't drive on, I must avoid Jake's Shakes, and I am taking great risk maneuvering through the Ogden High parking lots. Yikes!! I have come to realize that to every good thing, there is also the hesitation--the first scratch, the first spill. I know it is inevitable and sometimes even memorable. The last time we bought a new family car was almost 12 years ago--Peter was 8 and Christian was 3. I remember that before we drove our car home, Peter and I had our picture taken by it, and the dealership made a calendar for us. We had the picture up for years. I remember how much fun we had in that old Outback--trips to Bear Lake loaded to the roof with bikes on top, as well as Lindbergh looking out the windows barking at cows. Pre-school field trips with 3 car seats strapped across the back seat. A crock pot filled with hot fudge that mysteriously tipped over on the back seat while 2 boys were holding onto it. Cub Scout camp outs when I wanted to abandon tent, crawl into the car and turn the heater on. I remember teaching Peter to drive in this car--stick shift and all--and traveling for hours along the least used roads we could find listening to a special tape he made filled with music we could both agree on. As Christian says--"Good times." So as we drove home last night--Bob elatedly played with every button and programmed radio stations on our 3 free months of X-radio. And I looked out the window and thought about the Subaru with tears running down my cheeks. Today, I am mostly over it. I just gave myself a reality check by remembering that I can still visit it often--now filled with college text books, bags of dirty clothes, guitars, and amps. OK--maybe I'm not missing it quite so much.

The reason it took me so long to get the car was the fact that we have been working almost non-stop on the retreat. As most of you know, we put up the brochure last Thursday, and the fax and phone have been going ever since. It is always so much fun to hear from friends who are returning, and we always look forward to meeting those who are coming for the very first time. At this point, it is pretty much filled up. We are now taking a waiting list, so if you are wanting to come, do sign up right away and we will hope to work you in. We are planning so much fun.

In addition to the retreat brochure and sign ups, we have also finished 2 darling new pieces for mothers. We have a sweet 10-count kit called Dear Mother as well as a smaller count linen kit called My Mom's Garden. I think there will be pictures at the end of this blog, so be sure to take a look. Both pieces were a lot of fun to do. The larger count kit will work up very quickly and be a perfect gift for the mother in your life. My linen kit--My Mom's Garden--is worked with gentle colours of silks with a few Quaker motifs and places and instructions for personalizing it for your family. I stitched it for my own family. It has my own mother's initials as well as the initials of each of my siblings. I just love it and need to do another one to hang in my bedroom. You know, it is part of that whole nostalgia thing.

Dear Mother

My Mom's Garden

We have had wonderful new designs arriving at the shop in the past few weeks. On Saturday, Teri and I spent a long time picking new fabrics and threads and getting them ready for stitching. I am excited to see them.

Well that's the news from Shepherd's Bush. I hope your spring is warming up and you are getting a chance to go out in the sunshine. In Utah, we can't seem to decide whether it is spring or winter, but that's OK. I know it will be 100 degrees before we blink. Have a safe week.

fondly, Tina
June Baubles--Darling, as always!!!!

I have been hanging up some wooden flowers around the door garland. They look so springy!!