Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hi friends,

Just this very week, Teri has won 5 awards--from me--for her mechanical genius. First, she fixed the barbecue grill, then she fixed my I-Pod and the computer, and I can't remember what the other 2 things were, but they must have been great because I gave her an award for them. Me, on the other hand, not so good. All morning so far, Teri has followed me around fixing the messes I have made. Then Christian left his saxophone music home on the table where he was practicing, and I needed to get it to him. I left a message on his phone, but I didn't think he would listen to it in time. I decided to text him since I knew he would check his texts at lunch. So I tried to send a message. It began with wwww...which happened on my way to find a y. I tried to get rid of this and couldn't, so I continued on rather successfully with mussic at home and that's where it all fell apart. I tried to skip a space and ended up with a new word for home didn't look very nice at all, and in trying to correct that, I ended up with cajkkk***?? I finally sent it and thought I would explain later. Pretty soon I got a message back which I was more successful at opening. He was very happy, told me he would meet me at the door and never mentioned the message he had received. When I asked him about it, he wasn't rude, just said--Oh, I knew it was you. I thought the last word meant we were having cake for dinner. I have to come up to the 21st century, but I'm not sure texting will be my thing.

This has been a busy week here at the Bush. We are trying to get the brochure for the upcoming retreat posted on the website by Thursday, so we have spent the better part of 2 weeks working on it. Teri has been engrossed in a wonderful project for the retreat itself and has been working at it quite steadily--and sort of ignoring the brochure. I have been ignoring it as well, but finally put pencil to paper to get it ready. Now I have to get Bob to sit down and help us with some of the graphics, AND I asked Teri if we could file for an extension. (On the brochure that is.) She looked so hopeful and relieved at the suggestion, but everyone at work says--NO. So, I guess Thursday it is.

If you go onto the website, you will see that we have updated the tour and added more current pictures. Teri noticed that we still had a lot of Halloween pics on the tour, so she has been flying about taking new pictures. OK, here are 2 darling new things we have in the shop. One is--Love Me--by Hands to Work. It is very fun and unusual and Teri has used such great colours on it. There is a place for 2 names and would make such a sweet wedding or anniversary present--even for yourself. I am hoping she will put the picture on at the end of this. Then the new June Baubles is all finished and is being made into a pillow. Its theme is strawberries, and Teri has picked the perfect backing fabric for it to be made into a pillow. I think she changed the colours a little as well. Anyway, watch for a picture of it, because it is fantastic.

I am supposed to go out and look at the bird nest which has been built in the garland above the door. I hope there are eggs. How fun. Keep your fingers crossed for Thursday. Have a great week.

fondly, Tina

Love Me, by Hands to Work, is a new addition to our wedding samplers.

Here is a photo of our bird's nest. I was redecorating the front door garland for spring today, and found this darling nest. . . . The birds have brought twigs from the back yard, and all sorts of great nest stuff. If you come to visit, look up before you come through the door.

Sophie and Brett came to visit on Saturday with their parents. As you can see the excitement of visiting his "favorite" place has worn him out!!