Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi Friends,

I seem to be having one of those days--or weeks. "Mom--I left my band tuxedo home and we have a competition in 30 minutes." "Can you just run me home to change?" "I have a math assignment that doesn't make any sense and I forgot my book." "I have a tennis meet after school, can you change my saxophone lesson?" "I have to make 2 posters and type a resume by tomorrow." "Mow the lawn? What lawn?" "Could you pick me up at Ben Lomond so I don't have to take the bus home?" "What's for dinner? I'm starved!" I guess that's why I am late writing my blog this week. I only hope I can get it done before my phone rings with my next command performance. Who ever said that cell phones made life easier? Sometimes I feel like a marionette.

OK, I have to make this sort of fast. Everyone is yakking all around me, and Kari needs to do the shipping at this computer shortly. I do have to tell you about the most darling items we have just unpacked. A sweet woman who was here on vacation offered to make us some things she uses with her Q-snaps. So Teri--who of course was very excited--sent her off some of our favorite fabrics to use with her own fun fabrics. Well, we just unpacked them and they are fabulous. They fit over your Q-Snaps to totally protect your stitching and hold the excess fabric out of your way when you stitch. I think Teri is adding some pictures and her own inimitable commentary at the end of this blog so that you can see what I mean. They really are ingenious and for only $12.00--at least for now. We have a huge variety of patterns and they come in 6", 8" and 11." If you want to order one, just call us and we will describe what fabrics we have available or just tell us whether you want bright, soft, cute, floral, etc. I think it is so much fun to run into brilliant women with such good ideas. Everyone who stitches with Q-snaps loves them, but worries about cleanliness and battling with excess fabric. Here is the solution. Teri has been dancing around the shop and has demonstrated them to me at least 5 times--hence my struggle with writing this blog. These little items are called Snap-Wraps, so scroll down and take a look.

Hopefully, I will write earlier next week. In the meantime, put on some opera, chill out, and enjoy your stitching. I will imagine that I am doing the same.

fondly, Tina

Here are the new "Snap Wraps" They are sooo great!!! They just fit around your Q-snap frames and hold everything in.

This is such a great idea!!!, If you have a project that has tons of extra fabric, like the Red Thread Snapperland, (It is 46" long) you can roll the fabric inside the Snap Wrap see below.

We have rolled the extra fabric up and tucked it inside the "Snap Wrap" to keep it under control. You can also slip in a small pair of scissors and a couple of skeins of floss if you are on the go. If you tuck in scissors, please make sure they are in a sheath.

"Snap Wraps" come in fun fabrics. They come in small- to fit the 6 x 6 Q-Snap, Med to fit the 8 x 8 Q-Snap, and Large to fit the 11 x 11 Q-snap. Call us to find out what is available, or let us pick our favorite. All sizes- small medium, and large run $12.00 each.